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About Thunderbrew Guard

Thunderbrew Guard(TBG), a World of Warcraft Alliance Guild, was established in 2006 on Steamwheedle Cartel server.

The Charter and vision of the founders was for TBG to be a warm, friendly guild which would provide a home within WoW for mature, respectful, dedicated, creative players from all walks of life. That vision remains true today.

Our members enjoy the many facets of the game together and as individuals. We have purely casual, fun players, 5 person dungeon delvers, dedicated "normal" content raiders, PvP oriented folks, and Battle Pet collectors. All are valued within TBG. Guild chat can be quite entertaining at times and drifts in and out of character at will, often blending the two.

Whether one is a tiny gnome scurrying about inquisitively, poking into nooks, prying up floorboards, and peeking into every dark hole in the ground; completing every quest and puzzle, or one is a plate clad tank who loves nothing more than to plunge into battle in dungeon or raid, you are valued in TBG.

You are the guild.



Tanuki - GM

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